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Emerging Leaders at DCHS

updated at 5 months ago

I’m so excited to talk about Detroit Collegiate High School this week! As the new school on the block, the energy among staff and students is unmatched. For some students, it is their first time in a high school setting. The 9th graders are eager to learn and explore their surroundings. Conversely, we have the 10th graders who are more experienced in this arena. It for this reason, we look to them as our new leadership. And they are handling their roles with style and grace! Comparatively, the freshmen class outnumbers the tenth-grade class 2:1. However, what they lack in numbers, they make up for in spirit and commitment. I’ve been privileged to engage with students during their advisory period. The camaraderie between them is heartwarming and inspiring.  Ideally, communication and relationships are the foundation of a functioning community. Additionally, community is the foundation of leadership. Finally, leadership is the foundation of change. The tenth-grade classroom is an excellent example of how creating community inspires social change. Relationships are an inevitable aspect of human existence. Communities are the result of our relationships. The way we respond to one another sets the tone for our relationships, but those tones create the culture or environment of our communities. The establishment of a shared vision helps fuel the atmosphere and positively impact school climate. Students are encouraged to reflect on and identify personal values as they relate to overarching community themes. One of the pillars of the classroom is understanding that conflict is inevitable and it's important to handle controversy with civility. The students spend a considerable amount of time with one another so disagreements may occur, but their conflict resolution skills continue to grow. I look forward to introducing new concepts around social development and bringing groups together. I want students to feel as connected to their surroundings as they do to their peers. I am confident these emerging leaders will carry the baton and lead the charge in bringing a bright, new perspective to a variety of issues. I can’t wait to see them shine this year! Thank you for your leadership 10th grade!


As always, see you in the classroom!