Our Team:

EQ is a growing nonprofit that puts people first. Our team is passionate, supportive, focused and uncompromising – united in the belief that positive relationships and high expectations are the keys to unlock the high potential of our kids,our staff, our families and our communities. As a public, nonprofit organization, EQUITY is deeply motivated, driven and collaborative community that has the ability to adapt without compromising quality; sees humor in situations and believes work can be fun. Student learning and growth is the primary focus of EQUITY, and all aspects of the organization work together to impact and improve the outcomes for our kids and the communities we serve.

Home Team:

EQ’s Home Team supports and ultimately manages each school campus along with the growth and sustainability of the organization. By providing an environment built on high expectations and support, effective operations and growing our talent EQUITY is helping increase educator effectiveness, creating cultures of achievement and improving student outcomes now and in the future.