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Letter from the President

From the desk of the President

Many people ask, why EQUITY? Simply put, we are a local neighborhood organization  who is getting it right. We focus on improving neighborhood schools in spaces that need and deserve the best quality seats . What else? We believe in a “Do No Harm” school model that keeps kids in school and maximizes time to develop social and emotional skills, and academic ownership. We believe hard work, raw talent, humor, passion for our kids, and a little quirkiness are critical elements of any great school and organization.

Our organization is still young, we are growing, and are starting to make a difference. Our staff and teachers are making an impact in the lives of kids who need it the most and we are committed to only working in this space. We are convinced that and that, in turn, strong communities sustain strong schools. We believe, deeply, that access to quality education is the most fundamental social justice issue today. And we seek, with every decision we make and every action we take, to provide our students with a level of access and opportunity so they can build the life they choose. Our work takes energy, effort, and some days just sheer will.

I think what makes EQ unique is our belief and actions regarding our people. I have an absolutely amazing team which is only growing stronger. As the leader of the organization, I believe it is important to name what is important to the organization’s inner workings and how it ticks. Although we do not execute with perfection just yet, we aim for and to consistently improve everyday in multiple ways.

We relentlessly pursue our mission, in a deeply personal way. I believe every person has a role in achieving our mission. At any crossroads within the team or organization, our mission steers us in the right direction. Getting quality results, and getting the job done with excellence, comes first but not at the sacrifice of our mission and values.

We believe people are our most valuable resource. I want our team to feel supported, successful, challenged and impactful. My goal is to find the right people, support and develop their talent to ensure they can do their best work, each day, for a very long time.

We work to welcome feedback with understanding, even if it is sometimes hard to hear. When we give feedback, we work to do so constructively, in pursuit of excellence, and in a mission-focused way. My team and I are here to get things right, and we know that consistent and courageous feedback helps us get stronger.

We need our people to show up, opt-in, work hard and finish strong. In order to do that, I know it is essential for all of us to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life. By taking care of your personal world, you are more equipped to deliver on our professional commitments and expectations. By taking the time and space to be human, our creativity, patience, drive and motivation stays fresh over the long term. I work hard to provide options and to ensure my team feels they can communicate their needs to find the best solutions to balance home and work.

We believe that being transparent builds security and trust. Transparency helps solve problems quicker and better and builds stronger teams and more authentic relationships which leads to overall better performance and sustainability

I think of EQUITY as my 3rd child and will do anything to ensure our staff is supported and work here to improve outcomes for kids. I judge my daily work by whether or not I can look at my own two children and be proud of my decisions. I trust but check. I expect the highest quality of work and commit to do my best to support the EQ staff and partners in delivering on this expectation. I think the world of my team and know we have the potential of doing something remarkable for our kids and communities.

Every day, I am super excited about our work, our potential and our future in creating remarkable, neighborhood schools for our kids and their families.